In the Press

Local Press

Post about the new Cold War exhibit at Northern Michigan University’s Beaumier Center, where I will be delivering a (re-scheduled) talk on Thursday, November 16th.

Lessons from the Nuclear Freeze

In a compelling piece regarding lessons of history and the current dangers of nuclear weapons, Mellon-ALCS Public Fellow John Carl Baker cited my 2012 dissertation. I’m glad that my work can help inform others and contribute context to a deadly serious matter.

Nice Review in The Mary Sue

The State of Play gets an honest and positive review in the online pop culture webpage The MarySue. Check it out.

Mention in The Atlantic

I got a little nod in The Atlantic in a piece about Fallout 4 and it’s envisioning of postwar America.

New York Times Sunday Book Review

Wow, a nice review of two recent works on Video Games in the New York Times Sunday book review, including The State of Play. The first half focuses on a new book by Jane McGonigal, who has been at the fore of researching the potential of gaming for pedagogy.

Constitution Day Celebration!

Along with Business Professor Mary Jane Hatton (the acting President of the Copper Country’s League of Women Voters), I was happy to participate in a public event explaining the causes for, and an explanation of, the U.S. Constitution. The event was well attended and, might I say, quite a bit of fun.

Hancock’s Second Little Free Library!


Designed by International School of Art & Design student Gina Paulson, this indoor unit was cited as a “Library of Distinction,” and I think for good reason.

German Review of the Media and Cold War Conference


Hancock’s First Little Free Library!


Finlandia, Tech host talk on civil rights and equality

tech hosts talk

Finlandia Campus Read 2013 – The Gendarme


“Conflict and Cruelty” Panel Discussion tonight



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